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3rd LOWW Final
11.10.2016 um 20:12 Uhr von rachovolker • Kommentare (1)

ÐиΛ ηєאאσŗ ะ wins LOWW-Cup Final!


In an exciting finale between ÐиΛ ηєאאσŗ ะ, euronics.Marius89, ¬ผผѕ.sτяıκєя and αcore| Wattman, Nexxor managed to beat them all with Marius following in 2nd and Striker rounding out the podium as 3rd.

Nexxor built up an early lead on "Walla Walla", but constant pressure by Marius turned the tide on "Argh-Final". The third track "Spektros" saw some intense battles, but Nexxor managed to get back into the lead. Striker and Wattman fought hard, but were left in the wake battling for third. On "take the curve" Nexxor opened up a slight gap to Marius and never looked back becoming the first finalist on Walla Walla. Maybe he got nervous as it took him 3 runs to win it all, but he prevailed in the end and won it all! Congrats Nexxor!

With impressivly constant times, Marius finished second, while a late spurt by Wattman - winning 3 in a row on Argh-Final and Spektros - couldn't prevent Striker from grabing third.


Congratulation to all winners and participants! We hope to see you again, next time!

Rewatch the whole match here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2R2n_K06QQw&feature=youtu.be

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