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End of SFC
16.04.2014 um 18:06 Uhr von ddbbKommentare (0)

Last Sunday was the day of the Grandfinal!

Once again Team Legends showed their Skill and managed to beat Linkin 2 (with help of the pgg skillzors).

It was a really nice Match, with nice fights, especially on the first 2 Maps, in case u missed the Final, you can watch the VOD by StubbyTV.

Also take a look of Someones summary of the Grand-Final on Mania-actu!


We want to thank all teams once again, was really fun, and most of the time everything went in a nice fairplay way

Please check the Forum for our Feedbacktopic, in case we want to do smoething like that again!


Have fun and see you on the track!


ddbb & Sjekkie



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