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3rd LOWW Ranking Phase 1
25.09.2016 um 20:02 Uhr von rachovolker • Kategorie: TM2 - Stadium • Kommentare (0)

3rd Linkin Open War Week - Ranking Phase 1 (TA)







ÐиΛ ηєאאσŗ ะ



2 ¬ผผѕ.sτяıκєя 3.2 20.000


ÐиΛ Μเกเ๓єเєя ะ



4 ÐиΛ λcĿצfקדiX ะ 5.4 15.000


MaLaQueSh Marius89



6 αcore| Wattman 6.3 11.000


ÐиΛ Balyk ะ



8 ¬ผผѕ.Jux.fr め 7.0 9.000


αcore| »ฬลแяยทฑзr«



10 [Łĩņķĩņ]Ғяεαк« 12.8 7.000





12 [Łĩņķĩņ] ŽèlÐâ 13.7 5.000





14 ÐиΛ eugeη ะ 15.4 3.000


ÐиΛ Lטcίd ะ



16 αcore| Moux 19.6 1.500


esu l Pr3c4riѻ



18 [Łĩņķĩņ] Vãłę 23.8 1.000


ÐиΛ schnorf ะ



20 madjoeman SCP<3 25.1 500



Qualified for Semifinal 1:

ÐиΛ ηєאאσŗ ะ

ÐиΛ Μเกเ๓єเєя ะ

αcore| Wattman

¬ผผѕ.Jux.fr め


Qualified for Semifinal 2:


ÐиΛ λcĿצfקדiX ะ

MaLaQueSh Marius89

ÐиΛ Balyk ะ


Don't forget to tell us your Maps for the Semifinals



A huge thanks to everyone for participating and making this event possible!

3rd LOWW Mappack
24.09.2016 um 19:25 Uhr von rachovolker • Kategorie: TM2 - Stadium • Kommentare (0)

Phase 2 of our event will start soon!


Participants of the 2nd Phase can select their prefered tracks from the 20 tracks of our map pack.

You can now download the complete Mappack for our 3rd LOWW. 




3rd Linkin Open War Week
05.08.2016 um 19:26 Uhr von rachovolker • Kategorie: TM2 - Stadium • Kommentare (1)


We'll be hosting the 3rd Linkin Open War Week starting 18th Sept. 2016. More Infos will follow soon, but to get you hyped up we're proud to show you our Trailer Video for the LOWW3! 



Neuer Speed Fun Server!
21.11.2015 um 18:11 Uhr von rachovolker • Kategorie: TM2 - Stadium • Kommentare (0)

Join us: maniaplanet://#join=slikz_017@TMStadium

Results of Speed Fun League 1
13.12.2014 um 18:35 Uhr von pankrat • Kategorie: Linkin • Kommentare (3)

Good news guys!

Last Sunday we could win the first Team Season of SFL-Cup, which was hosted by Team Legends and indicate in TM2 Stadium. This Cup was divided into a Single Season with 4 divisions (32 drivers in total) and a Team Season with 6 teams with the rules of TmT.

Our lineup for the Team Season was as follows:
Freak, asphalt, ProRacer, Marc, pankrat, pgg.Toasti, pgg.Lurk, pgg. Bonfire, pgg.Ben, BW.BeHappy

In group stage we gathered 9 points out of 5 matches and got second behind Team Legends (15 points) and in front of G2H (9), DnA (7), indicate (4) and Zach Mix (0).
In semi-final we had to drive versus G2H, who had a strong team with Rodeur, Malin, Lars, infernal, Salocin, Rodri, Bruno, Jeff, Kirikou and Nephilim. Well, it was an incredible close match: we lost the 1on1 4:7, won the 2on2 5:3 and 3on3 7:5 and finally lost the 5on5 with 4:7. So a decision had to be found on a decider map, which we won 7:4. So we could defeat G2H with 4:3 in the end. The other match in semi-final was Team Legends vs. DnA and ended 4:2 (5:7, 4:5, 7:5, 7:4)
The Grandfinal last Sunday was therefore versus between us and Team Legends with a lineup out of patte, Costa, Mitter, Kommakla, Striker, SomeOne, Bling, Precario, DeDe and Katic. As they had won all their matches before the grandfinal it was clear to become a tough task for us. 1on1 (7:5) and 2on2 (5:4) were extremely close fights. In the 3on3 (3:7) we had no real chance to win. 5on5 was driven on a quite hard map from patte, but this time Team Legends had nothing to celebrate as we won 7:4. It was not our best day for sure, but this time it was enough to bring a grandfinal to a positive end.

The Single Season was totally dominated by indicate.aclyptix, who lost not a single match in Division 1. The ranking of this division in the end was as follows:
indicate.aclyptix (19), TA Mudda (15), Legend Costa (12), Legend patte (12), Freak (10), Ceowulf (9), Striker (6), pankrat (0, out of ranking after first match).
Congratulations to aclyptix for this insane performance!
In total it was a very fun tournament, because of the nice organisation, especially the fairplay in all of our matches and our harmonic team. So big thanks to Legends and indicate for hosting this event respectively the exciting matches against us and to Bonfire, Ben, Lurk, Toasti and BeHappy for supporting us. We're looking forward to next season with you!

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